Brand Inspiration

Precision Pak, Pak for Pioneer, Amazing and Knock out. In every style of our products, we are built to age beautifully and can get better in every season. We are not technology averse, but we choose not to make things that will become obsolete when the next product cycle rolls around. We strive to produce leather goods that you never want to give up. Essentially, there must be something worth to be holding onto. We believe in having less and better versions of the things we need.

Brand Introduction

PP found in Canada. An inspiration for the founder and his peer of Precision Pak to build the most trendy products, which can be made rightful both for men and women or even not being distinguishable in their functionality and appearance. As modernization and harmony are important in everything we do.

The products that we made are the key to our success.

That spirit nourished the backbone of our collections to become precision in design, rightful for fashion hunters, from men and women for their hanging out in the urban street representing their elegance, independence and confidence.


Our company has offices in different parts of the world and is part of a group of companies engaged in manufacturing to retailing.

Market Expansion

Product Structure

Premium LABEL 40%

Our Philosophy

Brand Value

To promote a positive with trend, optimistic life attitude and also with a functional and technical concerned products.

Brand ICON

PP is the short form of Precision Pak.  The icon inspired with the art of the carrying with joy and style.

Brand Promise

PP is not just an brand of bags, it always like to solve the customers purpose in carrying. Its start with the study of the structural arrangement, capacity utilization, compartment allocation into the most trendy appearance.

Designers dominant

Our designers from USA, Europe and Hong Kong start making their distinguished briefcases and purses, which stand the characteristic of innovation and classical. Vogue in outstanding style, not only by constantly changing material and pattern, mature and powerful strength, rapidly occupied the leather from Italy, Japan etc.

Quality dominant

We will stand right from the user-friendly design.

PRECISION PAK carefully selected from Italy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan imported high-quality materials, hardware and accessories. We will specifically for each material coated with durable layer including PU coated, waterproof and prevent rusting coating on metal accessories.

PRECISION PAK owning their own factories, as well as a large number of skillful craftsmen. To ensure the delicate hand, every product must pass quality inspection, will be cleaned packaging.


Each product will have a wide range of packaging facilities, such as plush bags, thick durable cartons. These are the requirements for quality designer brands and concepts, implanted into each PRECISION PAK products, given the product’s spirituality, making it more vitality.

After sales Services

All materials are through many rigorous testing procedures, and all tests are in line with international standards. To ensure that each piece PRECISION PAK product does not contain any heavy metals and chemical toxins.

PRECISION PAK committed for every one for free repair service. Contents include free replacement of defective zipper, rivets, buttons and other hardware accessories.

We set up a service center, we hope you buy PP products. You can enjoy our attentive personalized service.